Lawsuit against Apple over Siri privacy violation continues

A lawsuit against Apple in the United States over privacy violations by voice assistant Siri continues, a US judge has ruled. According to the complainants, Siri regularly recorded private conversations because the voice assistant was inadvertently activated. Apple would have shared these conversations with third parties, including advertisers.

The voice assistant should only be activated with, for example, "Hey, Siri". However, the complainants argue that Siri also became active and made recordings without the activation word. For example, one Siri user claims that after a private conversation with his doctor about a certain treatment, he received targeted advertisements for this treatment. Two other users claim that their conversation about sneakers, sunglasses and a restaurant chain led them to see advertisements for them.

Apple had asked a US judge to dismiss the mass claim, but the judge ruled that the complainants may prove that Siri regularly recorded private conversations due to unintentional activations and that Apple shared those recordings with third parties. In doing so, Apple would have violated US wiretapping laws, as well as California privacy laws, Reuters reports .

Across The Washington Post denies Apple's allegations and says he will defend against here. "By default, we don't store audio recordings and make it easy to manage your privacy settings," said a spokesperson for the tech company. According to the American civil rights movement ACLU, the lawsuit is a sign that people are starting to realize how much information speech technology collects. "This lawsuit shows that people are finally realizing that Siri doesn't work for us, but for Apple," said Nicole Ozer of the ACLU.

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