FBI: Food and Agriculture Sectors Targeted by Ransomware Attacks

The US food and agriculture sectors are the target of ransomware attacks, affecting both businesses and the food supply, the FBI said in a warning. The investigative service is aware of a farm that was hit by ransomware at the beginning of this year and suffered about nine million dollars in damage due to the temporary production stop.

“Food and agricultural businesses that fall victim to ransomware suffer huge financial losses from ransom payments, lost productivity and recovery costs,” the FBI said. It can also happen that confidential business information and personal data are stolen, which can cause damage to image. As more companies in these sectors use technology, the attack surface is also increasing, the FBI said.

Another incident that the investigation service mentions in the warning concerns a bakery that was shut down for a week in July due to a ransomware attack via their managed service provider, which prevented it from delivering customer orders. Reference is also made to the attack on meat processor JBS and an unnamed beverage manufacturer that was affected.

The attacks took place via stolen login details and malicious e-mail attachments, among other things. The warning concludes with some advice to prevent ransomware infections and mitigate the impact, including keeping backups offline, implementing network segmentation, disabling unused remote access/RDP access, disabling hyperlinks in received email. emails and regular cybersecurity awareness training for staff ( pdf ).

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