FBI: $8 million in US sextortion damage this year

FBI: $8 million in US sextortion damage this year

Sextortion has already caused more than $8 million in damage in the United States in the first seven months of this year, the FBI has said. The US Investigation Service advises never to send compromising photos to anyone.

With sextortion, someone threatens to distribute sensitive photos or videos of the victim unless the requirements are met. This may involve paying a certain amount or sending nude photos. As of July 31 of this year, the FBI received more than 16,000 complaints from people who had been victims of sextortion.

Perpetrators often operate on dating sites and apps and ask victims to send sexually explicit material, according to the investigation service. After the victim responds to this, the perpetrator threatens to share the material via social media among friends and family, unless payment is made.

The FBI gives several pieces of advice to prevent sextortion. "NEVER send compromising images of yourself to anyone, regardless of who they are or say they are." It is also recommended not to open attachments from strangers and to turn off electronic devices and webcams when they are not in use.

According to the FBI, victims of sextortion should remember that thousands of people are victims of this every year and they should not be ashamed or afraid to report it to the police.

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