EFF: WhatsApp must make end-to-end encrypted backups by default

WhatsApp recently announced the arrival of end-to-end encrypted backups, but if it is up to the American civil rights movement EFF, this will become standard for all users. Currently, users can store backups of their chat history in Google Drive and Apple iCloud, but this data is not end-to-end encrypted, allowing the cloud provider to access it.

The EFF, therefore, advises WhatsApp users not to store backups in the cloud and to discourage this from friends. However, this changes with end-to-end encrypted backups, as Apple and Google will no longer be able to access the contents of WhatsApp backups. However, this is optional and the EFF thinks WhatsApp should make it the default for all users.

In addition, the civil rights movement is using the announcement to sneer at Apple. "This privacy win by WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is in stark contract with Apple, which is under fire for plans to scan photos minors send via iMessage, as well as any photo Apple users upload to iCloud," the EFF said. The organization adds that iCloud backups are also not end-to-end encrypted. "WhatsApp raises the bar and Apple and others should follow suit."

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