46% of connected databases contain dangerous vulnerabilities

46% of connected databases contain dangerous vulnerabilities

Researchers in the field of cybersecurity from Imperva analyzed 27 thousand databases and reported that about 12 thousand of them (46%) contain dangerous and critical vulnerabilities.

“Too often, organizations overlook database security because they rely on their own security practices or on local databases to store sensitive information,” the experts explained.

According to the study, 61% of scanned databases in the UK contained at least one vulnerability, while on average there were 37 vulnerabilities per database. According to experts, many organizations do not prioritize the security of their data and neglect "routine" patching. Some CVEs go unnoticed for three or more years.

Brazil showed the best results in the study - only 19 percent of databases contain one or more vulnerabilities, and an average of 14 problems for each scanned database. In the United States, 37% of databases contain vulnerabilities, with an average of 25 problems per database.

Regional analysis revealed significant differences between countries, with some countries having a much larger number of vulnerable databases, such as France (84%), Australia (65%) and Singapore (64%). In Germany and Mexico, a relatively small number of vulnerable databases were found (19% in each country), but the average number of vulnerabilities was much higher (64 and 70, respectively).

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