Vulnerabilities in EV Charging Could Hack Home Network

Dangerous vulnerabilities have been found in Wallbox and Project EV home chargers for electric vehicles. Their operation allows you to turn on or off the chargers, deny the owner access to them, or hack the user's home network.

“Wallbox vulnerabilities can be used to gain complete control over the charger and deprive the average owner of access to it. An attacker can interfere with charging cars and charge his vehicle for free, ” explained experts from Pen Test Partners.

In Project EV, experts discovered an insecure implementation of an authentication mechanism that allowed an attacker to easily gain administrator rights and change the firmware of all chargers.

In addition, cybercriminals could gain access to users' home networks in cases where chargers were connected to the home network via Wi-Fi. This made it possible to intercept traffic control or steal financial data.

The researchers reported their findings to the charger manufacturers, and the companies patched the vulnerabilities. Device owners are encouraged to install the latest security updates from the two companies.

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