US State Department offers darknet hackers a reward for information on groups attacking the United States

At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, attendees noticed an open Wi-Fi network called #Rewardsnotransoms. Logging in or scanning the QR code on T-shirts and flyers led participants to a page for a new US Department of State initiative offering up to $ 10 million for information on cybercriminal groups.

For the first time in nearly four decades, Reward for Justice or RFJ whistle-blowers can choose to receive payments in cryptocurrency and contact the US government with sensitive information through a secure portal on the dark web.

According to representatives of the US State Department, the changes are intended to strengthen the country's national security. The purpose of the updated RFJ program is to find useful information about cybercriminals supported by other states.

RFJ members can receive up to $ 10 million to identify or locate a government-backed hacker group that attacks US government systems and critical infrastructure.

The RFJ channel on the dark web can be accessed using the Tor browser. According to representatives of the State Department, in a few weeks since the opening of the channel, information about cybercriminals has already begun to arrive.

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