US Army intends to test face recognition systems in child care

US Army intends to test face recognition systems in child care

Live video feeds of kindergartens are commonplace, but the US Army intends to take its child-monitoring capabilities to the next level. In a new pilot program launched at a childcare center in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, the military is seeking service providers to install commercially available facial recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) systems on existing CCTV video streams. In this way, the military intends to improve the safety of children and reduce costs.

The Request for Proposals for a project called Installations of the Future: Technology Pilot for Child Development Center explains that humans are unable to constantly monitor video surveillance channels, and a pilot program will study whether AI can fill the gaps in this area.

“Video analytics software provides added security for continuous computer monitoring. Moreover, it provides instant notifications to personnel on a wide range of important monitoring parameters of the AR 190-3 as events occur, ”the document says.

The documents detailed the cybersecurity parameters, including the interconnection agreement, compliance with the US Department of Defense cybersecurity regulations, and the requirement to encrypt any stored data. Requirements also include adherence to Security Technical Guides (STIG), submission to Static Application Security Testing (SAST) for source code review, and a commitment to provide fixes and mitigation support.

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