Uncovering the secrets of the darknet

Chances are, you've heard a lot about the dark web. The dark web has a reputation for harboring and abetting criminal activities such as hacking, drug trafficking, and even terrorism. Therefore, anything related to the dark web immediately raises concerns among users: the deep web, the Tor browser, and even anonymous browsing.

Let's see what the dark web is and how legal access to it is.

What is the dark web?

First, let's understand what the dark web really is. Sounds intimidating, and of course, you shouldn't be actively exploring the dark web. In addition, such activities may be illegal.

However, the dark web is not as scary as it seems at first glance.

The dark web is part of the mainstream internet that exists in overlay networks called the darknet. Special software is required to access the dark internet. The most popular and well-known way to access the dark web is through the Tor browser. Tor is like any other browser like Google Chrome and Firefox, but it allows you to view content that other search engines don't index.

Tor is a great way to get to know the darknet. The browser name stands for The Onion Router. Let's imagine a regular Internet network as the main layer of an onion. Tor lets you move the top layers away to reveal the often hidden third layer (we'll come back to the second layer later).

Darknet access - how legal is it?

Do not worry. You are just exploring another part of the Internet.

However, this anonymity breeds criminal activity. The dark web has a certain reputation. Of course, the dark web is full of black markets. Users come to the darknet to find data obtained as a result of ransomware attacks and identity theft, buy drugs to finance and promote terrorism, and sell their hacker services.

Another terrible feature of the dark web is the proliferation of child pornography.

Therefore, it is only natural to believe that access to the darknet is illegal. But it is not always the case.

The dark web is not illegal. At least in most places on the darknet.

You are not doing anything dubious by downloading software to access a portion of the Internet. After all, the Internet was created as a free object.

However, it should be remembered that some things on the dark web are illegal. For example, visiting certain sites or engaging in certain activities.

The legality of visiting the dark web also depends entirely on the user's location. Generally, in countries where online activity is monitored, it is illegal to access the dark web. Including in Russia, China and Iran.

The Tor browser (and other dark web exploration tools) uses encryption. Therefore, in those countries where the use of VPN is prohibited, citizens are also prohibited from using other means of anonymity of their activities.

Is the darknet illegal? Not everywhere. For example, in the US, UK or India, there are no legal restrictions on access to the darknet. However, if your country has government oversight and restrictions in place, then it is likely that the darknet is illegal in your area.

Is the Tor browser illegal?

Likewise, the Tor browser is not illegal.

Of course, it can be used to access the dark web (a part of the internet that is not illegal in itself), but many people use Tor for normal browsing as well. You may even be reading this article through Tor.

Damn it! Facebook can be found on the dark web. A great opportunity to get access to the social network for residents of those countries where Facebook is blocked. Users who are concerned about privacy and want to avoid the scrutiny of social media will also prefer to log into Facebook through Tor. In this case, cookies and logs are not stored, so your data remains more confidential.

The main problem is that many of the dark web users go there with evil intentions. Therefore, government agencies and intelligence agencies monitor activity on the darknet.

There is a big difference between what happens on the dark web (which is generally legal) and what you access through it (which might be illegal).

Is the dark web safe?

The darknet may be legal where you live, but that doesn't automatically make it safe or insecure.

As with the regular Internet, there are both good and bad things to be found on the darknet. An attacker can easily find something illegal on the darknet. However, the dark web also provides a reliable way to find new things and avoid being followed.

There are many great websites on the dark web that you won't find on Google. For example, the news site ProPublica aims to "expose abuses of power and betrayal of public trust by government, business and other institutions through investigative journalism."

However, the darknet is fraught with many dangers. Plus, dark web sites are not easy to browse. First, you need to know the exact URL of the site or use directories like TorLinks and The Hidden Wiki.

If you make a mistake, you may end up on the wrong site and get involved in criminal activity. Such activity can lead to imprisonment, especially if you buy something illegal from any of the many darknet marketplaces. In addition, you may accidentally download malware such as ransomware, keyloggers.

The dark web, of course, is not the safest thing to access, but it is not that dangerous either.

If you are not sure of your abilities, do not go to the darknet. The average user is definitely not worth the risk.

How illegal is it to be on the deep web?

Is the deep net the second layer of the onion that we mentioned earlier? There is a difference between deep and dark web. However, many confuse them. The dark web is part of a deep web that is more widely used.

The Deep Web, also known as the invisible or hidden web, is another section of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines.

You won't be able to find deep web pages using Google. For example, having access to Gmail or Hotmail, you won't be able to actively use Google to search for your emails. Also, you will not be able to access your online banking.

The deep web consists of everything that is hidden, not necessarily for malicious purposes. The deep web hosts content that is password protected, hidden behind paywalls, or does not use standard HTTPS / HTTP (including .onion sites found over Tor).

Thus, access to the deep web is certainly not illegal.

Does the dark web exist?

The dark web definitely exists, and many illegal activities take place in it. But you should not be afraid of her. Like everything else, the dark web has both good and bad sides.

If you have doubts about the possibility of safely visiting the dark web, do not do it. The risks to your safety may be too great. Also, depending on your location, accessing the darknet may be illegal, but in most countries around the world, visiting the darknet is allowed. However, permission to access the darknet should not be considered a free pass, allowing you to do whatever you want there.

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