Serious vulnerability found in AMD Zen processors

AMD Zen processors of all current generations have been found to have a security block vulnerability that could be taken under control.

A team of researchers from Cornell University has shown how easy it is to plant a bug on the motherboard for any processor based on AMD Zen cores of all current generations. Penny hardware allows you to trick the AMD Secure Processor (SP) security block built into ARM processors and take full control of your computer and data streams. There are no software patches to fix this vulnerability and will never be. It is necessary to change the architecture of the Secure Processor itself.

As reported, the vulnerability concerns the operation of a special encryption module AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV), which is responsible for encrypting data when using virtual machines on a computer.

The researchers clarify that if you have physical access to the computer if you create a power failure for the processor, you can deploy the SEV encryption methods that the processor uses and "pull" all information about the operation of the virtual machine.

For a processor that has been exposed to the attack, the load time is extended, but in servers with a large amount of memory, this drawdown is not easy to notice. AMD is currently not commenting on the discovered hardware vulnerability.

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