Personal data of 70 million AT&T customers are sold on a hacker forum


Less than a week after the incident with the American telecom operator T-Mobile, an array of personal data allegedly belonging to 70 million customers of the largest US telecommunications company AT&T was put up for sale at one of the hacker forums.

The seller is someone under the pseudonym ShinyHunters, known in connection with large data leaks of such services as Wattpad, Tokopedia, Nitro PDF, Mathway, etc. the entire array for $ 1 million

Based on a small snippet of the database posted on a hacker forum, the data includes customer names, addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, and social security numbers.

It is unclear at this time exactly how the database got into the possession of ShinyHunters. AT&T itself denies the data leak. According to company representatives, the investigation showed that the operator's servers were not compromised.

“Given that the information did not come from us, we cannot make assumptions about its source and whether it is valid,” AT&T said.

In an interview with BleepingComputer reporters, ShinyHunters said that it has not contacted AT&T about the leak, but is ready to negotiate with the company to withdraw its customer data from sale.

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