Pentagon predictive AI will be able to predict threats several days in advance

The US Department of Defense's experiments with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are becoming more and more ambitious. The United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM) recently completed a series of tests as part of the Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE), which combines AI, cloud computing and sensors. The purpose of the experiments is to provide the Pentagon with the ability to predict events for several days in advance.

Based on machine learning technologies, GIDE analyzes changes in raw data in real time, looking for the slightest sign of an impending threat. For example, if satellite images show that an enemy submarine is preparing to leave port, the AI ​​will note that moment. It will take military analysts several hours or even days to comb through all such information, and GIDE will be able to issue an appropriate warning in just a few seconds.

The most recent tests, GIDE 3, are by far the most expensive. They involved 11 US Commands and used a mix of military and civilian sensors to consider scenarios in which “controversial logistics” (such as communications in the Panama Canal) could create a problem. The technology used is not entirely new, but the military has put all of its components together for the first time.

The platform can be commissioned relatively soon. The Pentagon is already ready to use the software in the field and intends to approve it for use in the Globally Integrated Exercise in the spring of 2022.

The platform currently has a number of limitations. So, in search of an approaching threat, AI pays attention only to facts that stand out from the general picture, for example, to too many parked cars or planes. The system only reports facts and cannot answer what is happening. That is, a person is still needed to analyze the incoming information. Even so, technology can be useful if it prevents a surprise attack or leads to negotiation instead of conflict.

The Northern Command of the US Armed Forces is the unified command of the US Armed Forces. Created on October 1, 2002, following the September 11 attacks, to protect the United States and support local, regional, and federal governments.

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