One the largest darknet trading platform AlphaBay has resumed its activity

The underground trading platform AlphaBay is back to work. The site administrator, using the pseudonym DeSnake, announced plans to create a platform for the darknet markets.

Let us remind you that the underground market AlphaBay began its work in 2014 and has become the largest trading platform on the darknet. The business was terminated when the platform was neutralized by law enforcement on July 5, 2017. In Thailand, police arrested Alexander Cazes using the pseudonym Alpha02 / Admin. He was one of two AlphaBay administrators. Another partner, using the pseudonym DeSnake, was in charge of market security and was never caught by the police.

As reported by the specialists of the company's Flashpoint, DeSnake appealed to the community of underground darknet markets and introduced himself as "the administrator and co-founder AlphaBay». As proof of his words, DeSnake provided the original public PGP key that was used during the heyday of the illegal market, allowing anyone to verify his identity on public PGP key servers.

One of the darknet users verified the DeSnake key and reported that they were associated with AlphaBay's technical staff. Another confirmed the administrator's identity after talking privately about "things that only an AlphaBay employee could know."

DeSnake intends to set new standards for a sustainable market model and build a “professionally managed, anonymous and secure marketplace”. DeSnake aims to develop an autonomous and anonymous decentralized market network in which anyone can create a marketplace. The new AlphaBay will be built to last, using secure and proven code, so-called "bulletproof" servers and protection against disruptions caused by equipment outages, police raids or cyber attacks.

The administrator also touted the automated AlphaGuard system to ensure that users and vendors can access their wallet funds (including escrow) at any time via I2P / Tor.

DeSnake also laid out a set of rules for the new AlphaBay to avoid unnecessary scrutiny from law enforcement: it is forbidden to harm other people (service of assassins, etc.), it is forbidden to discuss weapons (even for self-defense), erotica or pornography is prohibited, vaccines against COVID are prohibited. 19 of any kind, doxing or doxing threats are prohibited, any activity related to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan or the data of their citizens is prohibited, and it is also prohibited to sell or discuss ransomware.

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