Microsoft made it easier to install Linux subsystem for Windows

Microsoft, through the efforts of its developers, has made it easy to install the Linux subsystem for the Windows operating system. It is enough to use one command for this.

To install the Linux subsystem for Windows, all you need to do now is run a command prompt as administrator and run the wsl.exe --install command. If earlier this process was lengthy, it was necessary to open different settings and install various software packages, but now everything is done automatically. After that, you just need to reboot. Ubuntu is installed by default, but users (or administrators) have the option to choose other distributions.

The complete list will open when you enter the command "wsl --list –online". Having chosen the desired name, you need to enter "wsl --list - online and the name of the program".

The developers have revealed a couple of useful commands to users. For example, “wsl –status” provides complete kernel configuration information, “wsl --update rollback” rolls back to the old version, “wsl –update” starts the update.

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