Man who used Neighbor WiFi has been found guilty for computer trespass

Man who used Neighbor WiFi has been found guilty for computer trespass

A 51-year-old man who, as a cleaner, placed a hidden camera and linked it to his victim's Wi-Fi network is guilty of, among other things, computer intrusion, the Amsterdam court has ruled. The man had been given the Wi-Fi password to listen to music but used it for his hidden camera.

At the beginning of this year, a woman discovers a hidden camera in her bedroom. It is an IP camera that is pointed at her bed and is activated by a motion sensor. The image and sound that this camera captures can be viewed live via an app or website, but can also be stored externally. On the SD card in the camera, the police find several videos showing the woman and her boyfriend performing sexual acts.

The woman suspects that her cleaner hung up the camera because the camera was taped with the same double-sided tape he had previously used for chores around her house. The suspect is also one of the few people who has a key to the woman's house. After his arrest, the man confesses that he placed the camera. He states that he has linked it to the Wi-Fi network by means of the password he received from the woman to be able to listen to music.

Now that the suspect has used the WiFi password for a purpose other than that for which it was provided to him, the court is of the opinion that the suspect has deliberately illegally penetrated an automated work (the router or the WiFi network), by means of a false key. The court, therefore, considers the breach of the computer to be proven", the verdict states.

In addition, according to the judge, the man was guilty of installing eavesdropping equipment and of intentionally and unlawfully manufacturing and having available images of a sexual nature of the woman and her boyfriend. "By acting in this way, the suspect has seriously infringed on the privacy of the complainant and her boyfriend," said the judge, who sentenced the cleaner to ten months in prison, four of which were conditional. He also has to pay the woman almost two hundred euros in material and one thousand euros in non-material damage.

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