Hackers stole over $ 600 million in cryptocurrency from the Poly Network platform

Hackers have stolen more than $ 600 million worth of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies from the wallets of users of the transnational blockchain platform Poly Network - this is the largest theft of this kind in the history of decentralized financial services.

According to Forbes magazine, attackers managed to transfer 2,858 tokens ($ 267 million) to one of the addresses, and 6,610 coins of the Binance crypto exchange ($ 252 million) were sent to another. In total, the hackers were able to withdraw about $ 604 million in cryptocurrencies from the platform.

The blockchains were attacked sequentially one after the other, and the company was able to identify three addresses to which the cryptocurrencies were transferred. The Poly Network has approached the miners of the affected networks and exchanges with a request to blacklist the coins and tokens from them.

The platform administration announced the beginning of an investigation of all the details of the attack in order to identify possible vulnerabilities in its protection system. Judging by the available information, they have already managed to find some loopholes used by hackers.

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