Hackers publish video from security cameras in Tehran prison

The Iranian hacktivist group Tapandegan ("Heartbeat") has published video from security cameras in the famous Iranian prison for political prisoners "Evin". According to Tapandegan, the images were obtained by the hacker group Edalat-e Ali (Ali's Justice) and published to draw attention to human rights violations, in particular against political prisoners.

In an official statement, Tapandegan said the images prove the scale of violence and injustice against political prisoners. According to the group, it also has video from the control room and cameras, as well as personal files of political prisoners and classified files.

In one of the videos, an elderly prisoner loses consciousness and falls to the ground, after which he is dragged up the stairs to the cell, and the staff passes by, not paying attention.

It is noteworthy that the hackers Edalat-e Ali (Ali is the "father" of the Shiite direction of Islam) have never been mentioned anywhere before. However, according to Tapandegan, over the past three years, they have hacked several government organizations. The hackers made their debut in May 2018 when they hacked into the systems of the international airport in Mashhad and posted anti-government messages on information boards.

The group also said that in July 2018 it hacked the email of employees of the Tehran city administration, in January 2019 - the email of employees of the state TV and radio company IRIB.

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