Hackers leaked 1.5 million scans of passports of Russian citizens

The hackers have released an 809 GB archive containing more than 1.5 million files with scanned copies of passports of Russian citizens to the public. The data was stolen by hacking into the servers of the cosmetics company Oriflame.

In early August, unknown persons reported the theft of 4 TB of data from Oriflame servers. The hackers have published more than 800 thousand files in the public domain, stolen, according to them, from the server of the Swedish manufacturer of skin care products Oriflame. In particular, over 25 thousand scanned copies of documents of Georgian citizens and more than 700 thousand - citizens of Kazakhstan were published.

According to the Telegram-channel "Information Leaks", apparently, the hackers could not agree on a ransom with Oriflame and now they are "leaking" data for each country separately.

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