Google fixes multiple vulnerabilities in Chrome 92

Google has released a security update that fixes multiple vulnerabilities in Chrome 92. The impact of the vulnerabilities has been rated as "high" at the maximum. This case concerns leaks that allow an attacker to execute code within the context of the browser.

It is then possible, for example, to read or adjust data from other websites. Vulnerabilities to escape from the Chrome sandbox are also included. The vulnerability in itself is not sufficient to take over a system. This would require a second vulnerability, for example in the underlying operating system.

Two of the vulnerabilities are in the component responsible for bookmarks within the browser and the File System Access API, which allows the browser to store and read files on the user's system. Google paid the researchers who reported these vulnerabilities $20,000 each. To our knowledge, none of the vulnerabilities now fixed were attacked prior to the release of the update.

Updating to Chrome 92.0.4515.131 will happen automatically on most systems. Microsoft Edge Chromium, like Chrome, is based on the Chromium browser. It is expected that Microsoft will soon come up with an update for its own browser.

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