Gelderland Security Region switched from WhatsApp to Signal

The North and East Gelderland Security Region (VNOG) no longer uses WhatsApp, but has switched to Signal. "We could no longer trust WhatsApp. Signal has better security – we had already received that from the ministry. We noticed that information was circulating on WhatsApp that we were not waiting for. And there were hitches," VNOG director Diemer Kransen said. de Volkskrant .

When asked why WhatsApp continued to be used within the organization, Kransen states that this is out of habit. "During the hack it turned out that we do a lot of things out of habit and it is only when things go wrong that it becomes clear that that is not so useful. Example: people who, well-intentioned, use programs that have a totally disruptive effect on the system. Drawing programs, development programs. Employees who Sending heavy files to each other in places with public Wi-Fi. Bad things happen with the best of intentions."

Last September, the North and East Gelderland Security Region fell victim to a ransomware attack . An assessment of the attack was published in May of this year . However, it did not mention the attack vector. Kransen does that partly to de Volkskrant. "One of our best people wanted to help someone at a fire station over the weekend from home. He was doing that when the doorbell rang. Just accept a package. A gate was open and there they were."

The VNOG consists of 22 municipalities in North and East Gelderland that work together in the field of fire services, medical assistance, population care and crisis management and disaster management. The organization is also involved in the corona approach in the region.

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