FatalRAT virus spreads in Telegram messenger

Users of the Telegram messenger may face the consequences of a dangerous new virus. It is known that the FatalRAT remote access Trojan not only steals data from Russians but also affects the security system of the device on which the messenger is installed.

Cybersecurity experts from AT&T spoke about a new special type of Trojan that spreads fake news to channels.

The malicious program carries out attacks remotely and spreads inside channels and chats.

The FatalRAT Trojan is hidden in hyperlinks that potential victims can follow. In order to increase trust in a malicious link, cybercriminals lure victims with seemingly harmless resources, including fake media copies.

At the same time, malicious software is able not only to control external connections and web browsers, but also to make changes to the system without the knowledge of the owner of the device. One-time passwords sent by banks and other services as one of the stages of authentication are also at risk. AT&T believes the virus is a new type of threat that will be used to create more sophisticated types of malware.

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