Cook: Tech companies must regain trust after privacy violations

Tech companies have damaged the trust of users through all kinds of privacy violations and now have to regain that, Apple CEO Tim Cook said. According to the CEO of Apple, many more people today consider the invasion of their privacy a big problem.

"Ten years ago, privacy was a niche problem. Today it's one of the big problems people think about because people know that the web has turned into a surveillance tool, and that creating detailed profiles of people goes way beyond what's acceptable." Cook told the Australian Financial Review.

The Apple CEO notes that technology only works if people trust it. In some cases, tech companies have broken user trust. "It's up to all of us to regain that trust," Cook continues.

He also warns of the danger when tech companies add backdoors, since anyone can use that backdoor. "So you have to make sure that the system itself is robust and durable, otherwise you can see in the security world what will happen. Every day you read about data breaches or ransomware."

Apple itself has come under fierce criticism in recent weeks for its plan to screen US users' devices for child abuse when uploading images to iCloud Photos. In the interview with the Australian Financial Review, Cook does not discuss this.

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