Artificial intelligence will save children from suicide

According to TASS, a software package for protecting children on the Internet has been developed in St. Petersburg, which uses artificial intelligence technologies. The neural network is trained to find suicidal and depressive content on social networks, as well as to identify “death groups” or adolescents with suicidal tendencies among users.

The comprehensive program "Protecting the Future" was developed by the city government in conjunction with the office of the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. It includes monitoring, analysis, identifying factors of the negative impact of the digital environment on young people, identifying suicidal and depressive content using an artificial intelligence program.

Nadezhda Korotovskikh, public representative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in St. Petersburg, highly appreciated the project. “In Russia, suicide is in third place among the causes of death of minors. At the same time, there is a growing trend of active displacement of crimes against children on the Internet. Therefore, information security issues should be a priority. " According to her, the project needs to be expanded to the federal format, because not only young St. Petersburgers fall into the risk zone: "Now St. Petersburg is ready to take responsibility for creating a working model capable of providing support to children in critical situations."

It is expected that the program will be tested in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, so that in the future it can be used throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

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