Apple agreed to hack iPhone at the request of intelligence agencies

Apple has released updated law enforcement guidance in which it has expressed its willingness to unlock some iPhones upon presentation of a warrant. The foreign resource Wired drew attention to these changes.

Reportedly, not all smartphones will be hacked, but only old ones. The old-age criterion will be the iOS version. It must be no higher than iOS 7 inclusive. If it is lower, it is also suitable. In this case, Apple will ask law enforcement officers for a search warrant and unlock the suspect's or accused's iPhone.

This selective approach by Apple raises many questions because only a small fraction of users use such old devices. On the other hand, the very fact that the Cupertino-based concern will unlock the iPhone runs counter to its position on the protection of personal data.

Industry experts explain Apple's move as follows: iOS 7 is a non-updateable build that is full of vulnerabilities. With a strong desire, the secret services themselves can use them to gain access to the contents of the iPhone, so in Cupertino they simply make their work easier.

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