US Secret Service Publishes List of Most Cybercrime Fugitives

The US Secret Service has released a list of the most wanted and fugitive cybercrime suspects today. The Secret Service, which deals with financial crime, already had a " Most Wanted " page but has now updated it to include only those suspected of cybercrime.

The individuals in question are suspected of phishing attacks against crypto exchange users, money laundering stolen via malware, credit card theft, break-ins at payment processors, insider trading by breaking into Marketwired, PR Newswire, Business Wire, and the US stock market watchdog. SEC. Two of the suspects have been offered a $1 million reward for the golden tip leading to the arrest.

“Cybercrime remains an ongoing threat to the security of the nation's financial infrastructure. Cybercriminals are able to quickly change their activities based on new opportunities and use every available tactic, technique, and procedure to steal and launder money, ” the statement said. Secret Service.

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