US offers $10 million for golden tip about ransomware groups

The US government has offered $10 million for the golden tip about ransomware groups and other attackers who carry out cyberattacks on the vital infrastructure of the United States on behalf of foreign states. It is one of the measures announced by the US government against ransomware.

For example, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the US Department of Homeland Security has launched a website called " Stop Ransomware ", which provides information about how to prevent ransomware and what organizations can do if they are affected. Earlier this week, the US authorities already announced that they consider ransomware not only a matter for the investigative services, but also a matter of national security.

The tip money of up to $10 million is for information about the identification or location of persons who, on behalf of a foreign state, participate in cyber attacks against American vital infrastructure. Ransomware is mentioned as an example. In order to protect the safety of tipsters, the ministry says it has also launched a website on the Tor network.

The White House says the now-announced tools and initiatives should protect U.S. businesses and communities from ransomware attacks.

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