Search engine Punkspider scans millions of websites for vulnerabilities

Next month during the Defcon hacker conference, the search engine Punkspider will be relaunched and will scan millions of websites for vulnerabilities every day. The results can then be found via the search engine, which according to the developers should ensure a safer web.

Punkspider checks websites for various types of vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, path traversal, and cross-site scripting. In addition to the search engine, a Punkspider Chrome extension is also available that allows users to see if visited websites contain vulnerabilities.

Punkspider is offered by security company Qomplx. According to Jason Crabtree, CEO of the company, everyone will soon be able to answer the question of how safe the websites they visit are. In addition, Punkspider serves as a gauge, as the search engine only detects common vulnerabilities. "If webmasters don't get the basics right, they're unlikely to fix larger vulnerabilities," said the CEO.

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