Oracle fixes 342 vulnerabilities in many products

Oracle fixed 342 vulnerabilities in a large number of products during the July patch round and is calling on organizations to install the security updates immediately. The impact of 46 of the vulnerabilities has been rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with a 9.8 or higher.

These include three vulnerabilities in Oracle WebLogic Server, a product that has been a frequent target of attacks in the past. These attacks often took place shortly after the security updates were released. Most vulnerabilities (48) were fixed in Oracle Fusion Middleware, followed by Oracle MySQL (41).

More than 200 of the 342 vulnerabilities, according to Oracle, are remote by exploiting an unauthenticated attacker. Oracle said it continues to receive messages from systems that have been compromised because customers failed to install available patches that address the vulnerabilities that were attacked.

Organizations and administrators are therefore advised to install the Critical Patch Update updates without any delay and to continue using supported versions of the software. Unlike, for example, Adobe and Microsoft, which release patches monthly, Oracle does this once a quarter. The next patch round is scheduled for October 19 this year.

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