Interpol calls for immediate global action against ransomware

Interpol has called on police forces worldwide to act immediately to prevent a possible "ransomware pandemic". That will require police forces and industry partners to form a coalition, Interpol head J├╝rgen Stock said at a ransomware forum.

The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Interpol, has developed a framework called Project Gateway through which the investigative service can directly receive threat data from companies. The coalition that Stock has in mind should focus on four topics. The first he mentions is preventing ransomware by raising awareness, partnerships and sharing information.

The second is the disruption of ransomware and its underlying ecosystem through global police actions, both reactive and proactive, Stock noted. Providing emergency support for ransomware attacks through Interpol's network is the third point. Finally, victims of ransomware must receive support to strengthen their resilience.

“Ransomware has become too great a threat for any entity or industry to tackle alone; the magnitude of this challenge requires global action that Interpol can facilitate as a neutral and trusted partner,” Stock said. “Police, as part of a true coalition, must use the insights of the cybersecurity industry, computer emergency response teams and other agencies to identify and disrupt cybercriminals, and work together to reduce the global impact of cybercrime.”

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