Decryption tools No More Ransom project police downloaded 6 million times

Five years ago, the Dutch police, Europol, and antivirus companies Kaspersky Lab and McAfee launched the No More Ransom project as an initiative against ransomware. The decryption tools offered by No More Ransomware that allow ransomware victims to decrypt their files free of charge have since been downloaded more than six million times, Europol said today.

The decryption tools on the No More Ransom website come from different antivirus companies and allow to decrypt files from 140 different ransomware families. The number of participants in No More Ransom has also grown over the years. In total, the project consists of one hundred and seventy partners. This mainly concerns antivirus companies, investigative services, and computer emergency response teams (CERTs).

The website is available in 37 languages. Ransomware-affected users can download the " Crypto Sheriff ". It checks whether the ransomware is known on the system and in this case, provides a link to the free decryption tool. "The best way to stay healthy is not to get sick. A comment that also applies to ransomware attacks," Europol said. The investigative agency advises creating backups, be careful about clicking links and email attachments, and do not pay a ransom in the event of an infection.

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