Tor Browser protects users from cross-browser tracking


The Tor Project has released a security update to Tor Browser that adds protection against cross-browser tracking, among other things. Last month, FingerprintJS, a company that develops fingerprint solutions for businesses and websites to identify users and prevent fraud, demonstrated that it is possible to track Internet users across multiple browsers .

Some Internet users use different browsers for privacy reasons. The vulnerability makes it possible for trackers and websites to obtain information about programs installed on the computer and then assign the user a unique identifier, even when switching browsers, using a VPN or using incognito mode. .

Websites can see if a list of 32 popular applications has been installed by visitors. A process that takes a few seconds and works on Linux, macOS and Windows. To see if a particular program is installed, browsers can use the built-in url handlers. Websites can see which URL handlers are present and thus find out whether an application is installed or not.

According to FingerprintJS, Tor Browser, Safari, Chrome and Firefox are all vulnerable. The issue has now been resolved in Tor Browser, Tor Project said. Users are recommended to update to Desktop Tor Browser 10.0.17 and Android Tor Browser 10.0.16. This can be done via the automatic update function and 

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