Russian telecom regulator blocks Opera VPN and VyprVPN

Russian telecom regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked VPN services Opera VPN and VyprVPN in the country. Both VPN services have been labeled a threat by the regulator because they allow access to prohibited content. The block does not apply to 130 Russian companies that use the VPN services and have been whitelisted by Roskomnadzor.

Following the decision, Opera has stopped offering the VPN service in Russia. "We have decided to stop supporting VPN services in our browsers on Russian territory as it was offered," a spokeswoman told the Russian news agency TASS . According to the PR manager, Opera is open to a "dialogue" about the safety of internet users.

In 2019 , Roskomnadzor warned multiple VPN services that they had to connect to a government system within 30 days to block the websites it contains. Roskomnadzor threatened to shut down VPN providers that refused to cooperate. VyprVPN then announced that it would not cooperate.

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