Reuters: US to prioritize ransomware the same as terrorism

 The US Department of Justice will give investigations into ransomware attacks the same priority as terrorism, Reuters news agency reported , citing a source at the Department. For example, investigations must be centrally coordinated by the Ransomware Task Force in Washington, which was recently launched by the US government.

By collecting all ransomware attacks in the US centrally, the authorities want to map connections between attackers and thus ultimately disrupt the entire chain. The recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline Company shows the growing threat of ransomware and digital extortion to the United States, according to the ministry. There is talk of a threat to the national and economic security of the country.

In addition, the ministry also wants investigations into the broader cybercrime ecosystem to be shared with authorities in Washington, such as services to circumvent antivirus software, illegal online forums and marketplaces, crypto exchanges, hosting services that facilitate criminals, botnets and online money laundering services.

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