Patients sue US healthcare provider over ransomware data breach


The American health care provider Scripps Health, which manages five hospitals, among other things, has been sued by several patients after their personal data was stolen in a major ransomware attack last month.

Because of the attack, which took place in May, healthcare workers had to fall back on pen and paper. Digital patient records were offline, as well as the system with the scheduled appointments. The online portal where patients can view their own files was also inaccessible. Healthcare personnel could use paper records for already known patients. Serious emergencies, such as heart attacks, were diverted to other hospitals.

Earlier this month, Scripps Health warned more than 147,000 patients that their personal information had been stolen in the attack. Several patients have subsequently started lawsuits against the healthcare provider, NBC reports. According to the mass claims, the healthcare provider did not properly secure patient data and did not detect the intrusion on the systems in time, while it should have been alert due to attacks on other healthcare providers.

There is also negligence and an invasion of privacy, according to the complainants, who further believe that the company has broken laws, broken promises and caused great harm to patients. For example, it is stated that the victims of the data breach run a lifelong risk of identity theft. The patients are demanding, among other things, unspecified compensation from Scripps Health.

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