New Tor Browser interface


A new version of Tor Browser will be released later this month in which the Tor Launcher interface has been removed. According to the Tor Project, research shows that users find this part confusing. Tor Browser consists of a component to connect to the Tor network and a modified version of Firefox, supplemented with various browser plug-ins to provide additional protection for users.

When starting Tor Browser, the Tor Launcher first appears and connects to the Tor network. Only then will the browser window be loaded. Research commissioned by the Tor Project shows that users find this step confusing, disappointing and does not promote "user flow". Therefore, the Launcher interface in Tor Browser 10.5 has been removed and the connection to the Tor network is established automatically. The setting up of the connection is displayed via a visual indicator.

In addition, the Tor Project is working to improve the experience for users in government-censored countries, with Tor Browser automatically detecting blocks and then offering bridges to connect anyway.

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