Microsoft Teams to support end-to-end encrypted conversations

 Microsoft Teams will support end-to-end encrypted VoIP conversations between two people next month. This is evident from an update of the Microsoft 365 roadmap . Microsoft calls it an additional option for conducting sensitive online conversations. To meet compliance and security requirements, system administrators will be able to control who within the organization can use end-to-end encryption.

The rollout of the feature should start in early July and be completed by mid-month. The option for end-to-end encrypted conversations is disabled by default. Administrators can enable the security measure for the entire organization or just specific users. After administrators have enabled the option via the admin panel, it will appear within the interface of the end user, who must then enable the option themselves. Both users must have done this to communicate end-to-end encrypted.

End-to-end encrypted conversations only support certain basic features, such as audio, video, screen sharing, and chat. Advanced feature will not be available. The security option can only be used within the desktop and mobile application and not the web version, MSPoweruser reports .

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