Microsoft Edge gets option to load websites via https by default

Microsoft Edge will have an option to load websites via https by default, which should provide protection against man-in-the-middle attacks, Microsoft said. "Automatic HTTPS" is used by default for websites that are believed to also support https. In addition, users can set that the browser must always use https.

Most websites now support secure connections via https. However, many of these sites are not set up to require the use of https, which means that attackers can strike when a redirect from http to https occurs, according to Microsoft. In addition, some websites do not forward users from http to https at all.

To avoid connection errors, Edge uses a list of domains that likely support https. Microsoft generates this list based on top domains that receive a lot of traffic over https and are not set up to be accessible only over https.

The browser will also offer an option for users who only want to visit websites via https. However, Microsoft warns that these users may encounter more error messages. Automatic HTTPS is now available for testing in Microsoft Edge 92 test releases.

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