Largest meat processor in the world JBS has been a victim of ransomware attack

The world's largest meat processor JBS has fallen victim to a ransomware attack, the White House has announced. The attack forced the company to temporarily close all slaughterhouses in Australia and all plants in the US that process beef. U.S. factories are responsible for nearly a quarter of the country's beef supply, Bloomberg said.

As with the attack on the Colonial Pipeline Company, the largest fuel pipeline in the US, the attack on JBS was carried out by criminals believed to be operating out of Russia, the White House said. The US authorities are now in consultation with the Russian government about the attack and state that the country should not harbor ransomware criminals.

JBS reports in a statement that it is in the process of restoring the affected systems and the work in the slaughterhouses. There is still no indication that the attackers have stolen data from customers, suppliers or employees. How the systems could have become infected has not been disclosed.

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