Google Provides Android Messages App With End-To-End Encryption

Google has end-to-end encryption added to the Messaging app on Android, so has the technology company announced . The Signal protocol is used for encryption, which is also present in the chat app and WhatsApp of the same name. In addition to announcing the news, Google also published a technical paper detailing the encryption used ( pdf ).

The Messaging app uses Rich Communication Services (RCS), a standard to replace SMS. It works over the phone's data connection. However, if the recipient does not support RCS, the Messages app will fall back on SMS. RCS is now supported by numerous providers and manufacturers and also makes it possible to send messages encrypted, unlike SMS which is unencrypted.

"End-to-end encryption in Messages helps to keep your conversations safe while they're being sent. It makes sure that no one can read the content of your messages as they go from your phone to the phone of the person you're communicating with." , according to Google. End-to-end encryption is enabled for private conversations between two people who both have chat features enabled. End-to-end encryption was already available to beta testers, but is now rolling out to all users.

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