Google blacklisted website NRC for years because of content

Google has placed the NRC website on a blacklist for years because of its content. This recently prevented advertisers from advertising with the newspaper for three months. The blockade has now been lifted, the NRC says. According to Google, the reason to put NRC on the blacklist was because the website often contains texts relating to death, extremism and violence.

The website also deals with "sensitive topics" more often than other websites, according to Google. As a result, according to internal rules of the tech company, advertising is not allowed. Google also labeled the domain as a new domain, even though it was registered in 1994 and the newspaper has had a website since 1995. The domain was already blacklisted by Google in 2014.

"NRC would not have responded to this at the time, possibly because it only seemed to concern a Google service that NRC no longer used," the newspaper said. Another Google service recently decided to maintain the blacklist, which prevented advertisers from advertising on the website for the past three months. A Google spokesperson could not explain how the blacklisting was suddenly used by another service.

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