Fujifilm fully operational two weeks after ransomware attack

Fujifilm Corporation in Japan is fully operational two weeks after a ransomware attack and is therefore able to process and deliver orders again. The company announces this via its own website. On June 1, Fujifilm reported that it was investigating "unauthorized access to a server" from abroad. All networks and servers were then turned off.

On June 4, the company reported that it was a ransomware attack that affected a specific network in Japan. The same day, all networks, servers and computers determined to be safe were brought back online. Fujifilm announced today that it is fully operational in terms of customers and business partners, including customer contact, orders and re-deliveries. The company will try to resolve delays that occurred in the past two weeks.

The company did not say how the attack could have occurred, which ransomware was involved and whether a ransom was paid. According to the manufacturer of film material, cameras and data carriers, there are no indications that data was stolen during the attack. Security measures to prevent a recurrence have now been rolled out. In addition, Fujifilm says it will continue to monitor the situation.

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