FBI repeats call to companies not to pay ransom

The FBI has again urged companies and organizations not to pay a ransom for ransomware. According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, paying ransom will only incite criminals to intensify the attacks. The U.S. law enforcement agency has been discouraging ransom payments for years. Wray also stated that affected companies and organizations should contact the FBI as soon as possible.

Wray testified before a United States Senate panel yesterday. In his testimony, the FBI director also mentioned the threat of ransomware, which could allow criminals to paralyze hospitals, police forces and businesses. "We need to make it harder and more painful for hackers and criminals to do what they do," said Wray, who added sanctions should be imposed on cybercriminals.

Recently, the American Colonial Pipeline Company paid $4.4 million ransom to criminals and transferred meat processor JBS $11 million after both companies were hit by ransomware. Wray estimates that the ransom paid has tripled in the past year. Recently, the US government launched the Ransomware Task Force that will deal with the fight against ransomware. The task force calls for the introduction of a reporting obligation , whereby companies that pay ransom for ransomware are obliged to report this to the government.

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