FBI holds Revil group responsible for ransomware attack on JBS

The FBI holds the group behind the Revil ransomware responsible for the attack on JBS, the largest meat processor in the world. Last Monday, JBS reported that it had been hit by a ' cyber attack ' and had to close dozens of slaughterhouses as a result. The White House then reported that it was a ransomware attack . Now the FBI says that attack is the work of the Revil group, which also managed to break into the Danish cleaning giant ISS and claim successful attacks against computer manufacturer Acer and Apple supplier Quanta Computer.

JBS has since released a new update on the attack, saying that production will resume in all factories today. Details about the attack and whether a ransom has been paid is not disclosed by the meat processor. Earlier, the company announced that the backup servers were not affected and would be used to restore the affected systems. JBS's US factories are responsible for nearly a quarter of the country's beef supply.

The White House released a new response to the attack last night, stating that it is important for companies to strengthen their cybersecurity and take the necessary measures to prepare for this threat. In addition, the US government is also taking measures to disrupt the ransomware infrastructure and tackle attackers, a spokesperson said.

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