Europol: misuse of encryption disrupts balance between privacy and security

Misuse of encryption and other privacy-enhancing technologies by criminals disrupts the balance between privacy and security, Europol says in a new document called " The Cyber ​​Blue Line ". In it, the question is asked where the responsibility lies for a safe society in "cyberspace".

According to the European investigation service, there should be a debate about the challenges that investigation services face in this domain. This includes encryption. “The criminal misuse of encryption, an essential element of our digitized democracies, and other privacy-enhancing technologies and designs have created an imbalance between privacy and security, hindering criminal investigations and the ability of police to enforce victims' rights and criminal justice. maintain."

Europol also points in the document to the role and responsibility of tech companies when it comes to security. "It is essential to maintain a balance between privacy, the vitality of the tech industry and common security. None of these entities takes precedence over the other," says the investigative service. However, it warns that it becomes increasingly difficult to provide common security when domains exist that are "warrant proof" and are in fact above the law. Addressing these other challenges should ultimately ensure safer cyberspace, concludes Europol.

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