Brave browser launches its own privacy-focused search engine

Brave has launched its own search engine that, according to the browser developer, is completely focused on user privacy. For example, according to the company, users are not profiled and tracked. In addition, Brave Search uses its own search index and is thus not dependent on other providers.

Unlike other older search engines that track and profile users, and newer search engines that primarily skin over older search engines and do not use their own index, Brave Search offers a whole new way to get relevant results with a community-driven index , while guaranteeing privacy," said Brave CEO and co-founder Brandon Eich.

At the moment, the search engine is still in beta and will therefore not show any advertisements yet. Ultimately, users will be able to choose from a free to use search engine with ads and a paid ad-free search engine. The search engine can be used from within the Brave browser and 

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