Bits of Freedom: Biometric Surveillance Harmful to Society

Biometric surveillance seriously harms the rights and freedoms of citizens and society as a whole and should therefore be banned, according to civil rights movement Bits of Freedom. The organization has launched a campaign against biometric surveillance together with other European privacy organizations and civil rights movements. The aim is to collect one million signatures through the citizens' initiative Reclaim Your Face and thus ban biometric surveillance. To date, more than 55,000 signatures have been collected.

"By the untargeted application of biometric surveillance, every passer-by is visualized. This allows individuals to be identified, analysed, followed, profiled and controlled on a large scale," says Lotte Houweling of Bits of Freedom . She notes that existing legislation prohibits biometric surveillance, but the exceptions are being abused.

To draw attention to the subject, the privacy organizations have started the #PaperBagSociety challenge. People are asked to put a paper bag on their head and share the photo of it on social media. "Say 'no' to a #PaperBagSociety with us and share why living with a paper bag on your head doesn't work for you. Join us in calling for a ban on biometric surveillance in public spaces!" Houweling on.

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