You've bomb on board: Belarusian transcripts of Ryanair pilots raise more questions

Encrypted email provider ProtonMail is not behind the screenshot of the bomb threat sent to Minsk airport that threatened to blow up Ryanair flight 4978, where Belarusian journalist and blogger Roman Protasevich was on board.

Last week, Belarus forced Ryanair's plane, en route from Athens to Vilnius, Lithuania, to land in the Belarusian capital Minsk. Protasevich was then arrested there. According to Belarus, the plane had to land due to a bomb threat. Screenshots obtained by The Daily Beast in collaboration with the Dossier Center show that the bomb threat was sent 24 minutes after Belarusian authorities had already told the pilot and crew that a bomb was on board.

The bomb alert was sent from a ProtonMail address. Today, the email provider released a statement stating that the email in question was not from or leaked by ProtonMail. “As an encrypted email service, we don't have the ability to decrypt or read messages from users, ” the provider said.

However, the message can be read on the receiving mail server in Belarus, the ProtonMail team continues to know. Belarus has been blocking access to ProtonMail for citizens in the country since last summer, according to the provider. "We reject these actions and the recent action with Ryanair flight 4978," the team emphasizes. ProtonMail is cooperating with the European authorities' investigation of the matter following an official request from the Swiss government.

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