The Firefox Data Leak Warning Only Appears When a Password Has Been Compromised

Since 2018, Firefox has been warning users about websites affected by a known data breach, but that will partly change in the future. Previously, users were shown a popup when the visited website was recently added to the data breach search engine Have I Been Pwned. The user was then prompted to check through Firefox Monitor if their account was compromised.

Firefox always displayed a warning regardless of the type of data stolen. To counter the noise that these kinds of notifications can cause, Firefox will now only show warnings for data leaks where passwords have been leaked. "While we care about all personal data, the warnings for all of these data breaches create noise that is difficult to respond to. A better solution is to warn only when it is important to take action to protect your data," says Luke Crouch from Mozilla.

Users who want to receive a warning for all data breaches can sign up for Firefox Monitor .

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