The Cost Of Ransomware On Hacker Forums Can Be Up To $4000

Specialists from "Kaspersky Lab" conducted a study of three large underground forums to spread the program-extortionists. The overall ransomware economy is well developed and complex in terms of providing services between hackers. For example, a botnet owner offers access to already compromised devices, software developers improve malware, initial access brokers specialize in providing network access through backdoors or exploiting Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerabilities.

In the cybercriminal underground, samples and collectors of ransomware cost from $300 to $4000, and renting ransomware-software-as-a-service can cost an attacker from $120 to $1.9 thousand per year.

“Access is up for sale at auction or at a fixed price starting at $50. The attackers who provide the initial compromise are most often either botnet owners working on large-scale campaigns, or hackers who are constantly looking for new vulnerabilities in software and exploiting them before patches are released, ”the experts said.

The forums host hundreds of different announcements and offers, ranging from source code sales to regularly updated partner hiring posts available in English and Russian.

“Selling ransomware source code is the easiest way to make money in terms of technical skill and vendor effort. However, such proposals also bring in the least amount of money, since the source code and samples quickly lose their value, ”the experts noted.

There are also partners who collaborate with the ransomware and do the bulk of the attack. According to the researchers, the operator of the ransomware receives a share of the profit ranging from 20% to 40% of the ransom, while the remaining 60% -80% remains with the partner. These partners are carefully vetted and selected based on geographic preferences, political views, etc.

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