Ransomware Group Threatens To Publish Irish Patient Data

The group behind the Conti ransomware that recently encrypted Ireland's national health systems threatens to publish or sell hundreds of gigabytes of patient data unless the Irish government pays $ 20 million. As evidence of the data theft, the data of some patients has already been put online, The Journal , Bloomberg and the Financial Times report . Due to the attack, services to patients are still disrupted and several hospitals are unable to provide radiotherapy.

The attackers claim they have stolen 700 gigabytes of data. As evidence, 27 files have already been published containing the personal details of 12 individuals, including the laboratory results of a man hospitalized for palliative care. In addition to patient data, this includes data from healthcare workers, contracts, financial statements and salary data. The Irish government has previously announced that it does not intend to pay the requested ransom.

Hospitals saw themselves already compelled to various appointments for the ransomware attack to cancel . Patients visiting the emergency room are called to bring their medical record number, medication summary and summary of a previous hospital stay. The Health Service Executive (HSE) states that good progress has been made in the recovery of the affected systems, but when all systems have been recovered is still unknown. About two thousand patient systems are being cleaned up. In addition, 80,000 computers are wiped and reinstalled one by one.

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